The Memorial Garden is on the grounds of Tryon United Methodist Church. It has been created as a place of rest, meditation and prayer, and  for the interment  of the ash remains of deceased persons. The ashes shall be those of a deceased church member, his or her spouse, children, parents, brothers or sisters. The ashes will be placed directly into the ground. No container of any kind will be permitted for interment. When desired, family members may use the same plot. Due to altering effect that time, weather, and soil conditions have upon ashes, interment in the Memorial Garden shall be permanent.


Arrangements for the interment of ashes should be made during the person's lifetime. Delaying an application until after death has occurred may cause added concern for all involved.


Arrangements may be made by filling out an "Application for the Interment of Ash Remains" and submitting it, along with the Reservation fee of two hundred dollars ( $200.00 ). An additional fee for the  brass memorial name plate will be assessed at the time of interment.


Please fill out and submit the form shown below to request more information about our Memorial Garden. You will be contacted within two or three  business days, by someone from Tryon UMC, with an response  to your question or inquiry.